Let us transform your home or cottage into your dream escape.

We have been part of developing nearly 200 homes and cottages with the desire to create an escape from the stresses of life — a place where families grow and memories are made by designing and building timber-framed homes and cottages.

Our dedication to truly iconic builds has sparked a new trend over the years. As more and more families have been introduced to the style and quality of a well-built timber-frame home, we’ve started getting a growing number of requests to enhance their homes, cottages and boathouses too.


We’re specific with the terminology we use, and see an enhancement as transformational when compared to simply doing renovations.

We’re not talking about simple cosmetics; enhancements by Timber Ridge Homes are designed to completely transform your space. That could mean changing the functionality of your home, adding living space, moving your indoor elements into your yard, or building an outdoor kitchen and dining area. We often see our homes as footprints that can’t be changed, but our design process takes a creative look at all the possibilities available to you in creating exactly what you want in your existing home or cottage.



Timber frame details

Adding timber frame details to an existing home or cottage.

Island Retreat

Enhancing your outdoor living space — ie. outdoor kitchen and entertaining area.

Timber frame gazebo

Building a timber-frame gazebo or pergola.

Timber frame boathouse

Adding a timber-frame boathouse or boat port to an existing cottage property.

Ready to enhance your home or cottage?


5 Ways to Enhance Your Timber Home or Cottage

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For those of us that already own homes or cottages, there are many factors that impact our decision to tear down an older home or cottage and rebuild, or transform the home or cottage through significant enhancements.

The condition of the existing cottage, its year-round use, the size of the structure, and even the lake that it’s situated on all impact these decisions. While we build a lot of homes, many of our clients feel that an enhancement is the right decision for their unique situation. Even though a home or cottage might be older, our signature timber-frame styling can be added to your project which also adds to the uniqueness and value of your property.

Before Enhancement
Timber ridge enhancement

They did it! Timber Ridge Homes beat our deadline and got us into our house three weeks earlier than expected. We were able to move in and enjoy Christmas in our new home comfortably.


I was impressed with how Timber Ridge Homes managed a new home project for us; they were organized and kept a very tight schedule. Their quality of workmanship exceeded our expectations. At the possession meeting onsite, we were pleasantly surprised with how few deficiencies there were and how promptly they took care of them.


Working with Timber Ridge Homes was an easy and stress-free experience. Their after-sales service was prompt and professional.


We love our new cottage; Timber Ridge Homes did an amazing job! They met our timeline, despite what the weather threw at us and I would happily recommend them to others.


Timber Ridge Homes has been fantastic. They are easy to work with, and we love our new home!


We are very pleased with our new cottage and were happy with the process of working with TRH. The quality of the workmanship of their contractors is excellent, and they completed the work in a timely fashion. Jason Fehr really cares about quality and it shows in the final product.


The first time we met Jason and Brent we were instantly impressed with how personable and professional they were. Their interest in us and our family was genuine; they understood what we wanted and how important the project was to us. They helped us finalize/develop our plan, recommended trades people and were available to explain and walk us through any challenges that arose. We loved how well they communicated with us, and they always got back to us if we had questions or concerns. As a result we have a beautiful, unique home that for us is a realization of a dream. Working with Jason, Brent and the crew at Timber Ridge Homes was a fantastic experience and we would highly recommend them to anyone considering building a Timber Frame home.


Can’t believe its been 10 years since Jason and Timber Ridge Homes built our dream home. Working with Timber Ridge Homes on our project was one of the most exciting times in our lives. Our home still looks fantastic. If anyone is interested in building  – you will not find a better builder than Jason and his team. The pride and commitment Timber Ridge Homes has for their customers is phenomenal. Recently I had an issue with a frost heave causing some minimal damage to my stairs. A crew came out and repaired the issue at no charge to us. Even after 10 years Timber Ridge Homes is there. Amazing company – highly recommended!



As you get to know us, you’ll soon become familiar with the term EC3, which represents Experience, Convenience, Communication and Caring. These are the top four areas our team excels at to make each of our projects a successful and stress-free building experience.

If you’d like to discuss how your home or cottage — or a portion of it — can be transformed, please reach out because we’d love to chat with you.


Build your escape with Timber Ridge

When it comes to a design and build, there are few things more exciting than a blank slate. Whether you’ve just purchased an empty lot with the perfect view or you’re looking to tear down an existing cottage and start from square one, our team will share your vision, provide our expertise wherever it’s needed and build your dream destination.