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St. Malo Residence

Q & A With The Christiuks On Their St. Malo Build

So there was this couple in St. Malo who decided to celebrate being semi-retired with getting a new home. Orest and Elsie Christiuk wanted a spacious new home in the small town of St. Malo, so they called on Timber Ridge to take on the job.

“This was a new build on a previously owned property,” explains Orest, “intended as our semi-retirement home, with a few cattle in the back. The home is nestled amongst the oaks.” 

The setting of their dream cabin certainly paints a compelling picture.  But how did they settle on Timber Ridge as the company of choice to trust with the build itself?

“We were chatting with friends one day and they mentioned Timber Ridge as being a good builder. Upon checking builds in the area, we liked what we saw, and decided to hire them,” says Orest. “The site was decided on, staked and the build was started.”

While happy with the setting and feeling confident with their choice of builders, Orest admits to having a concern or two along the way. 

“We’d just had a very rainy season, causing mould in the floor joist underneath, but the builders managed to deal with this,” says Orest.  “There were no changes from the original design.”

Speaking of that original design, was there anything special Timber Ridge needed to do to arrive at the open-concept idea for the kitchen, dining and living areas? Or the bedrooms?

“To arrive at an open concept plan,” explains Orest, “large LVL beams proved to be a necessity, so they were installed by a crane.”

He doesn’t recall anything else specifically posing concerns during the build.  

“If there were any, they were addressed promptly and to our satisfaction!”

And how did he and Elsie feel when they saw the finished work?

“Wow! Our dream home was completed. We were very impressed with the attention given to every detail.”

He feels fully justified in his choice of builder. 

“Timber Ridge is the only builder that could complete this home, with their expertise in working with timbers.”

And today?

“We have enjoyed this beautiful home and property, however it is now for sale,” says Orest. “We are moving on for a new adventure to full retirement!”

We thank Orest and Elsie for sharing with us their full Timber Ridge story, and wish them a happy full retirement.