We have been involved in the development of nearly 200 homes and cottages with the desire to create an escape from the stresses of life — a place where families can be families and memories are made by designing and building timber-framed homes and cottages.

An interesting trend has evolved over the years. As more and more families were introduced to the style and quality of a well-built timber-frame home, we started getting a growing number of requests to enhance their homes, cottages, and boathouses, too.

What is an enhancement?

We’re specific with the terminology we use, and see an enhancement as transformational when compared to simply doing renovations.

We’re not talking about only painting honey oak cabinets from the ’80s and putting on new countertops, enhancements are completely transforming your space. That could mean changing the functionality of your space, adding living space, moving your indoor elements into your yard, or building an outdoor kitchen and dining area.


  1. Adding timber frame details to an existing home or cottage.
  2. Enhancing your outdoor living space — ie. Outdoor kitchen and entertaining area.
  3. Building a timber-frame gazebo or pergola.
  4. Adding a timber-frame boathouse or boat port to an existing cottage property.
Timber Ridge Homes Reno


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Timber Ridge Homes Reno
Timber Ridge Homes Reno
Timber Ridge Homes Reno
Timber Ridge Homes Reno

When planning our extensive renovation, we reached out to Timber Ridge because of our past relationship building our cottage. Throughout the entire project we experienced professionalism and an open line of communication. We had weekly site meetings, a dedicated foreman and they provided the staff to keep the project going without delay. They did a great job creating the vision we had for our house. It was a great experience. – Thanks Jason and Brent!

– Philip and Alda Hildebrand

We have worked with the boys from Timber Ridge on three different occasions. The crew and their network of tradespeople are all good to work with and have treated our projects with the care that we expected of them. Jason especially has a knack for dealing with, and solving, the issues that inevitably arise on any project. We would hire them again.

– Ron and Patricia Manness


For those of us that already own homes or cottages, there are many factors that impact our decision to tear down an older home or cottage and rebuild, or enhance the home or cottage through enhancements. The condition of the existing cottage, its year-round use, the size of the structure, and even the lake that it is on all impact the decision.

While we build a lot of homes, many of our clients feel that an enhancement is the right decision for their unique situation. Even though a home or cottage might be older, our signature timber-frame styling can be added to your project which also adds to the uniqueness and value of your property.

As you get to know us, you’ll soon be familiar with the term EC3, which represents Experience, Convenience, Communication and Caring. These are the top 4 areas that our team excels at to make each of our projects a successful and stress-free building experience.

If you’d like to discuss how your home or cottage — or a portion of it — can be transformed, please reach out because we’d love to chat with you.