Energy Plus

Energy Plus Roof Insulating System:

A roof deck of tongue and groove boards and or drywall with 3/4" plywood over is supported on the timber rafters and provides either a cottage/country or more modern interior ceiling finish.  Above the deck a vapour barrier is carefully installed and two (2) layers of 5-3/4" thick R25 foam is laid into place across the entire roof surface, staggering the joints of the panels for maximum R-value.  The large (4’ x 16’) foam sheets are sealed with low expansion foam on each butt joint.  2 layers of 2”x4” strapping is then laid over top of the foam sheets and screwed down to the roof deck and rafters.  The roof is now ready to be sheathed with either 1/2" plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) and roof finish applied.  The result is great insulating values, no thermal breaks and a roof that costs substantially less than a comparable SIPs type roof.

Energy Plus Wall Insulating System:

Some contractors, regrettably, place their best insulation on the outside face of the exterior wall.  Having the SM Styrofoam on the exterior of the wall creates an opportunity for moisture and warm humid air to become trapped inside the wall system, increasing risks, over time, to occupant health and the home’s structural integrity. The Energy Plus approach is to place the vapour barrier and 2” of high density SM type insulation to the inside face of the exterior wall.  Additional fibreglass insulation or a wide variety of void filling insulations can be installed between the wall studs.  Exterior sheathing and a rain barrier complete a drier, more durable and better insulated wall.