Blueprints & Design

Construction experience and good design go hand in hand!

Many building problems can be avoided when a designer brings construction know-how to the design process. Our designer is a journeyman carpenter with over fifteen years of residential building experience and has seen how small design details, done right, can make all the difference to the final quality of a project and the client’s enjoyment of their new home or cottage.

Some useful planning information:

* Allow as much time as possible for the design process, working a year or more ahead is not too soon and you’ll want at least three months to allow time for preliminary designs, revisions and final construction drawings.

* Come with as much detail as possible:

- building site location, map orientation, size, access, contours, tree cover and any required setbacks or design limitations
- pictures of your site and a survey plot plan are a big help
- a list of the key spaces and rooms, and how you want them to relate to each other
- views you want to take advantage of, and any that you want to avoid
- any magazine clippings that show home styles, interior and exterior finishes, colours, or important features that you want to incorporate
- a sense of your construction budget, timeline and level of involvement in the construction process.

On lake front building sites, it is best for our designer to meet you on site prior to starting any design work, to see and hear your dreams and thoughts of the site.  It is important to see if there any rock ledges, beautiful mature trees that you want to keep and confirm distances from the waters edge.   

Design Costs

Each and every Home or Cottage is custom designed to fit your dreams, needs and wants.  So there is no generic cost that can be allocated to this important part of your building phase, some home or cottage designs require more time than the next to complete so we have flexible rates to accommodate each design.  

The final set of Engineered Stamped drawings will be provided in a 36”x24” page format along with an Adobe Acrobat PDF from which additional copies can be printed in a variety sizes.